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Jake Watson
Zoning Administrator

Rachel Carroll
Administrative Assistant

P.O. Box 1054
640 GA Hwy 128
Roberta, Georgia 31078
Office: (478) 836-3199
Fax: (478) 836-9473
Contact Us

* Due to current staffing, we may be out conducting inspections, please call to ensure someone will be at the office for in person visits

Additional Resources

* For question or concerns about roads, please contact the commissioners office by calling (478) 836-3782.

The Crawford County Planning and Zoning Office is here to help you access resources to expand your business, grow in the community, and navigate the required processes for development.  The office provides zoning information and issues business licenses and building permits.  Also, Crawford County Planning and Zoning is Code Enforcement for Crawford County and is tasked with enforcing the Land Use Regulations and Ordinances for the unincorporated area of Crawford County and the incorporated area of the City of Roberta.

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