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Become a Georgia Voter
Click “My Voter Page” below to check your voter status, fill out online voter registration or download application to mail vial usps mail.  No postage is necessary if mailed in the united states.

My Voter Page

icn_pdfState of Georgia Application for Voter Registration

Renew Driver Licenses
New residents must change their driver’s licenses within 30 days of relocating to Crawford County. Licenses are issued by the Georgia Department of Drivers Services (DDS).

Please visit the DDS website for additional information.

Renew Auto Tag Registration
Tag registrations are due by your birthday, NOT by the end of the month. You may purchase your tag thirty (30) days before your birthday. Renewal notices are not mailed; however, you may call to have your Registration mailed to you.

Failure to renew your tag by your birthday or business registration will result in the following penalties: 10% of the ad valorem tax or $5.00–whichever is greater, and 25% of the tag fee or $5.00–whichever is greater. It is your responsibility to renew your vehicle at the appropriate time whether you receive prior notice in the mail or not.

Apply for Electric Services
Electric service within the City is provided by Georgia Power (888-660-5890), located at 203 South Oak Street.  Some areas of the City are served by Tri-County EMC (866-254-8100), located at 112 Recreation Road

Report an outage to Georgia Power online.

Report an outage to Tri-County EMC online.

Apply for Natural Gas Service
Natural gas service is provided by the City of Roberta to its residents.  More information about this service, including rates and fees, may be obtained by calling or by visiting City Hall.
Apply for Water and Sewer services
Crawford County Water Department is responsible for providing the citizens of Crawford County with water services and connections.

  • Download, print and fill-out service application
  • Submit application, current lease and deposit of $175.00 ($150.00 deposit fee & $25.00 connection fee) in person at 1011 US Highway 341 North, Roberta, GA 31078