Water Department

Crawford County Water Department is responsible for providing the citizens of Crawford County with water services and connections.

To Apply for Services

  • Download, print and fill-out service application
  • Submit application, current lease or proof of ownership ( to avoid paying deposit fee. Home owners are not charged a deposit fee, only renters) and deposit of $175.00 ($150.00 deposit fee & $25.00 connection fee) in person at 640 Georgia Hwy 128, Roberta, GA 31078

Important Billing Information

Meters are read at the beginning of each month. Bills should be received by the 5th. If you do not receive a bill by then please contact us. Failure to receive a bill does not exempt a customer from having late fees or shut-off fees assessed.

A late fee of $5.00 or 10% whichever is greater is assessed on all bills not paid by the 20th of each month. In the event that the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday payment can be made through the next business day without penalty. Any account not paid by the 4th will be shut off on the 5th day of the month unless that day is a holiday or weekend,then shut-offs will be made on the next business day. Shut-offs can occur on Fridays. We do not send out late notices so please be aware of these dates.

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report Musella Water System

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report