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Chief Deputy Tax Commissioner

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640 GA Hwy 128
Roberta, Georgia 31078
Office: (478) 836-3575
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Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday (Except Holidays)
8:15AM – 4:45PM

The Tax Commissioner is responsible for the billing and collection of ad valorem taxes. These taxes include real and personal property, motor vehicle tax, mobile home and timber tax. The Tax Assessor’s Office is responsible for receiving all types of exemption applications and property tax returns.

Your property tax bill is based on a 40% assessment of the fair market value assigned to your property by the Tax Assessors. The Tax Assessors are responsible for the evaluation and appraisal of the property. The evaluation is based on the value of the property on January 1 of the tax year.

Your taxes are determined by multiplying the 40% assessment by the millage rate. The governing authority for each county sets the millage rate. The millage rate for the State is always a quarter of a mill, and the County Board of Commissioners sets the millage rate for County taxes and the County Board of Education sets the millage rate for County Schools.

Your garbage fee is included in your tax bill.

Real estate taxes are normally due December 20 of each year. In a normal year, bills are mailed in mid-October. By law, taxes are mailed to the owner of record on January 1. If you fail to receive your tax bill, please call our office to have a duplicate bill mailed. WE DO NOT SEND BILLS TO MORTGAGE COMPANIES.

Taxes paid after the due date are subject to accrue interest at a rate equal to the bank prime loan rate as posted by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in statistical release H. 15 or any publication that may supersede it, plus 3 percent, to accrue monthly. Such annual interest rate will be determined for each calendar year based on the first weekly posting of statistical release H. 15 on or after January 1 of each calendar year. In calendar years 2021 and 2022, the interest rate is 6.25%. The interest rate of 6.25% monthly equals .52%. An additional 5% penalty will be assessed every 120 days after the due date. FiFa charges will be added when the bill is put on the General Execution Docket.

If any city taxes are due, the City Hall in Roberta collects them.

Property Tax returns are filed between January 1 and April 1. The purpose of the tax return is to declare what you own and the value you feel the property is worth. This gives you the opportunity to receive an Assessment Notice, starting the appeal process with the Board of Assessors. Assessment notices will be mailed in the spring from the Tax Assessors, and you will have 45 days to file your appeal with the Board of Assessors. You do not have to file a return each year.

Current Real and Personal Property tax payments may be made at the Tax Commissioner’s Office located at 640 GA Hwy 128, Suite 134 or mailed to P.O. Box 634, Roberta, GA 31078. If paying delinquent Real and Personal Property tax payments, please call the Tax Commissioner’s Office for the correct amount if you are mailing payments. Forms of payment are checks, cash, money orders, credit or debit cards. 

Click the image below to make online  property tax payments.

The Tax Commissioner’s Office does not handle appeals on Property tax. You must submit in writing your appeal to the Tax Assessor’s office.

Georgia law requires that all Tax notices are sent to the owner of the property as of January 1 at their last known address. Property owners must notify the Tax Assessor’s office immediately of any name and address change. The Tax Commissioner’s office does not process name or address changes.

You may file for Homestead Exemption any time during the course of the year, but the cutoff date for the digest is April 1. To qualify for regular Homestead, you must own and occupy the property on January 1, claim Georgia as your legal residence, and the property must be in the name of the applicant. Military Personnel must claim Georgia as their state of legal residence to qualify. You may qualify for extra exemptions at the age of 62. To qualify, you must be 62 on January 1 of the year you file. We also have exemptions for the disabled and veterans. To claim disability exemptions, you must provide the Tax Assessor’s Office with two documents from two separate sources stating you are totally disabled.

There are other exemptions available through the Tax Assessor’s Office, which include agricultural, preferential, conservation use, historical property, and tax exempt property. You may contact the Tax Assessor’s office at 478-836-2800 for information regarding these programs.

Personal Property Returns are to be given to the Tax Assessor’s Office by April 1 of each year. Personal property includes, but is not limited to, machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures, boats, aircraft, etc. If you have any questions regarding personal property returns, you may contact the Tax Assessor’s Office at 478-836-2800.

When moving a mobile home into Crawford County for the first time, you must first contact the Planning and Zoning Office for a relocation permit. You will need to provide the make, model, and serial number of the mobile home. Driveway permits, 911 addresses, and septic tank permits are also obtained with the Planning and Zoning Office. You are required to register your mobile home within 30 days of the purchase.

Off-digest mobile home taxes are due by May 1. A 10% penalty and 1% interest per month is due after that date.
Before you move a mobile home out of the county, all taxes must be paid and a current decal displayed.

Tag registrations are due by your birthday, NOT by the end of the month. You may purchase your tag thirty (30) days before your birthday. Renewal notices are not mailed; however, you may call to have your Registration mailed to you.

Business names take a different business schedule–by the first letter of the name. Failure to renew your tag by your birthday or business registration will result in the following penalties: 10% of the ad valorem tax or $5.00–whichever is greater, and 25% of the tag fee or $5.00–whichever is greater. It is your responsibility to renew your vehicle at the appropriate time whether you receive prior notice in the mail or not.

You may transfer a tag from one vehicle to another as long as the first name on the new vehicle is the same as the old tag. Your tag must be current and not expired.

Once you have established residence, you have 30 days to transfer your registrations to Crawford County. If you have a current registration from another county in Georgia, there will be no charge for this service. You must have a Georgia driver’s license or a Georgia ID card. If you are coming from another state, you must provide your out-of-state title and registration. You will also be required to provide proof of your residence and insurance that covers you in Georgia. For additional information, please call our office at 478-836-3575.

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